The Greatest Book Ever Written

About Author

Patrick Gaynor is a charismatic Jamaican voice over specialist, singer, Grammy-nominated songwriter, actor, and author of both his very own tell all memoir “The Road to Zion” and multiple columns for one of Jamaica’s leading local newspapers. 

Patrick has long since been a bold revolutionary who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. His strict upbringing by his grandmother who introduced him to church and the Bible – coupled with his religious convictions and a keen understanding of world politics – would lead to his unique balance of spiritual conviction and revolutionary militance. 

He grew up in rampant poverty and witnessed first hand the violence and chaos it leaves in its wake. But despite growing up in some of the roughest inner cities of Kingston – including Waterhouse and Chisolm Avenue – while facing abuse, poverty and hardship, he used all that was set against him as a propellant to success. All these experiences would eventually show up in every aspect of his work. 

At an early age he was a critical thinker and social activist who advocated for change and would inspire those around him to do the same. Through his recent podcasts, The Rebellious Truth, and the In The Meantime weekly radio show on youtube, he continues to educate and enlighten his audience, exposing them to an elevated state of conscious thinking and existing in the world.

His latest book set for release January 12,  2021 – Planet Hurt – is a revolutionary psychological eye opener and guidebook of sorts for those who wish to improve their relationships (be it personal or professional), face and conquer their deficiencies, and lead more fulfilled lives.
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