The Greatest Book Ever Written

Planet Hurt By Patrick "Curlyloxx" Gaynor

Planet Hurt - The Idea And The Process

Planet Hurt - The Idea And The Process

Planet Hurt By Patrick "Curlyloxx" Gaynor

Planet Hurt - The Idea And The Process

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Planet Hurt by Patrick Gaynor is a book like no other. It is not your usual cliche " self help" book. It will show you why you've, perhaps read every other inspirational material, posted positive quotes or perhaps even at some point meditated with buddhist monks in the Himalayas and yet here you are. Back at square one despite what you think you believe. Planet hurt will explore issues deeply etched into the human psyche that affects the health of every relationship on every level stands in the way of the elusive happiness and contentment they seek. With Planet Hurt, Patrick offers solutions to problems we thought were solutions and highlight the errors in so called solutions we don't know cause the problems in the first place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Maurice Scott

This book will be 1 of the great book ever written

Camar Campbell

Planet Hurt - The Idea And The Process

Johnathan Douglas

It’s a great book I love it we need more

Love This Book

I am so in love with this book. As I listen to the information I feel like you are talking to me directly. So many things are clearer to me now. I can see how fall short in the process every time. The good thing is I am aware of my shortcomings and is currently working on me. Thank you and I am looking forward to volume 2.

Wayne M
Exceptional Insight About The EGO!

This book is a strong, full-bodied life changing experience with some complexity of flavor and unique way of thinking. It is robust and may not be for all tastes, but has the capability to transform your thought process. I praise its pleasantly rich dialog and the courage of the author. I commend the high quality of the information it exceeded my expectations.

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